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PLEASE NOTE: Our Office is closed due to Covid-19. If you are interested in lymphedema home-care, Please call for more info: (919) 524-4772. Thank you

Lymphedema Care

Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of protein rich fluid (lymph), usually in the extremities due to insufficient lymphatic circulation, causing limb swelling, reactive fibrosis, and chronic inflammation.

Primary Lymphedema occurs due to developmental abnormalities in the lymphatic system. Primary lymphedema that  affects a child (mainly males) at birth or presents shortly after is known as Milroy’s Disease. Primary lymphedema that presents during puberty and is more common in females, is known as Meige’s Syndrome.

Secondary Lymphedema is caused by a significant known traumatic event to the lymphatic system such as; infection, injury, surgery, radiation therapy or others.

Lymphedema may also occur secondarily to other diseases such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency or Lipedema.

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)  is considered to be the  “international Gold Standard Therapy” for lymphedema. CDT includes Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), bandaging/garments, remedial exercise, skin/nail care, and homecare.

CDT is a two-phase system comprised of a clinical, or intensive phase and a homecare/maintenance phase. The intensive phase will usually last from 2-6 weeks and may be covered by insurance. The maintenance phase, which lasts for the rest of life and focuses on homecare optimization of the clinical outcome.

Lymphedema Care Services

Joey Scala is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist from the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy and is dedicated to help those who are in need with their lymphedema care. He offers home-care service to those who have already undergone the clinical/intensive phase and are in the maintenance phase of their treatment. Joey can help with continuing your regular MLD services, reduce fibrosis, assist with bandaging/compression garments and monitoring limb volumes.

If lymphedema is a new condition and you require an intensive phase covered by health insurance, Joey can assist you by referring you to other health care professionals in the Bend area.

Lymphedema Care, Scala Wellness

    5 star review  Joey did an excellent job taking care of my specific problem areas. He has an extensive tool box of skills which he employs with perfection. I left feeling renewed. Joey is the BEST. I highly recommend his work!

    thumb Gina Boll

    5 star review  I was so impressed with my massage with Joey. He is able to do so much with a light touch. Not all massages need to hurt, and his make you feel great! He focuses on structural integration and relieved tension through acupressure. I enjoyed the movement he integrated, kind of like Thai massage. He clearly understands how the body functions as a whole, interconnected unit. Highly recommend.

    thumb Chloe Autumn Mandell

    5 star review  Joey's work is amazing. His intuition and knowledge really shines through during the session. He addressed all my issues with patience and focused attention and I left feeling more balanced and renewed. I highly recommend his work. If you're looking for quality massage therapy, Joey delivers.

    thumb Katrina Tee

    5 star review  Joey creatively tailors each session based on my needs for that day. Whether it's deep tissue, tui na or energy work...I always leave feeling more free and comfortable in my body. He's the best, highly recommend!

    thumb Tori Colavecchio

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